Some will begin their work day at sunrise by feeding, grooming or galloping horses on the backstretch.
Others will end their day well past sunset by serving customers in the dining rooms, printing tomorrow’s
race programs, or volunteering in the community.

Working independent of one another, yet together as part of a greater team, they all share a common goal
and a powerful, passionate bond: to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders alike.

They are our employees - the custodians of our values and the champions of our strategies.

All WEG employees conduct themselves with four core values: integrity, respect, excellence and accountability.

It is our responsibility to employees to attract and retain a highly-skilled workforce by providing a dynamic,
supportive and equitable workplace experience and creating a safe and healthy work environment focusing
on accident prevention and risk reduction.

We provide employees with a wide range of both job-specific and developmental training opportunities.
As importantly, we are steadfast in our commitment to foster an engagement culture where each and
every employee can play an active role in shaping our economic, social and environmental sustainability